Magistra Kunz's Mundus Latinae

Study Links

There are lots of sites that have fun games and ways to test your understanding of Latin.

Below are some links that I find particularly helpful. If you find some more--tell me and I shall add them!

    Various Exercises -- this site lets you choose exactly what kind of practice you want!
  • Declining Practice -- this website will provide you a word. After you decline it, it will check your answers for you!
  • Noun Endings -- quiz for declensions 1-3
  • Noun Endings -- quiz for declensions 1-5, but without neuter
  • edonnelly -- this site has more declining/conjugating practice
Certamen Practice
Sporcle Randomness
  • Aeneid Intro Quiz -- how many words from the opening 11 lines can you get?
  • Glossary of Rhetorical terms for the study of figurative language
  • Official AP Latin Website at Collegeboard if you want a description of the test or practice questions or their other confusing documents
  • Online Speaking Course -- want to learn some conversational Latin? This is basically an online book

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