Latin 4

Novae Res

Monday: project is due! Tuesday: saddness story is due and final exam is happening. Maybe study dat Vergil?

Vocab Quiz will be Thursday, project is due Friday

Please devote at least a little bit of the long weekend to vocab and/or research about your buildings

HW due Friday 5/26: complete Learn Mode for the body parts list (the project rubric is up on Frog)

HW due Thursday 5/25: try not to cry too much

Tuesday is test daaaaaaay!! ...and Latin Club Farewell Bash after school. (then Wednesday we will watch old class videos and stuff)

Monday is test review day! Make sure you get through line 297

Friday 5/19: Figures of Speech Quiz

HW due Thursday 5/18: go through 286. Book 2, guys :)

HW due Wednesday 5/17: CEREALIA SUPPLIES!!!! (especially a bowl!!!) As for real HW, go through 280...we're almost caught up!

Let's try again to get through 276 for Tuesday. C'mon guys...

Ok, so you got your break and now we GO HARD! By Monday, you need to be through what we were supposed to be Friday (line 276)

HW due Friday 5/12: c/p/t through line 233

Please be through line 227 by Thursday so we can try to pick it up and catch up!

Study for APs, guys.

HW due Tuesday 5/2: work on AP stuff. In class we got through line #46

Be safe this weekend. If you're gonna study, study for AP :)

Aeneid Quiz through line 39 on Friday 4/28

HW due Thursday 4/27: c/p/t through line 30

HW due Wednesday 4/26: c/p/t through line 22

HW due Tuesday 4/25: c/p/t through line 17

HW over Spring Break: using Sparknotes' summaries of the Aeneid, please write a paragraph or two in your own words of what happened for each of the 12 Books.

Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday 4/12

HW due Tuesday 4/11: c/p/t through "fui" in line 6

HW due Monday 4/10: in addition to studying vocabulary, copy/paste/translate the first three lines of Book 2 of the Aeneid (use the notes!)

HW due Friday 4/7: finish the sentences on that worksheet so that they're good, not just done. Then study some vocab!

HW due Thursday 4/6: complete the saddness writing assignment and Learn Mode

HW due Wednesday 4/5: bring your red book if you didn't turn it in yesterday

Ovid's Daedalus et Icarus Test: Tuesday 4/4

Daedalus et Icarus Test: Tuesday 4/4. Make sure you've parsed/translated each section to be prepared for the review day

Dramatic Interpretation: Friday 3/31

HW due Thursday 3/30: c/p/t through the "dicebat" in line 233

Scansion Quiz: Wednesday 3/29

HW due Tuesday 3/28: c/p/t through "cerae" in 227

HW due Monday 3/27: go to Frog and watch the video I linked. Then complete and submit the questions

HW due Thursday 3/23: scan the 2nd section on the back of the scansion instruction sheet (1st word is dixit)

HW due Wednesday: copy/parse/translate in your Ovid through "credidit esse deos"...don't forget about the weird indirect statement thing with "hos" being its subject

Dramatic Interpretation: due Tuesday

Monday 3/20 tasks (thanks for being nice to the sub!):

  1. Please complete the next 5 line-chunk of scansion
  2. Continue in your Ovid through "timet" in line 213. Try to take this seriously and focus because there's some really beautiful writing here. Ask AP for help!
  3. Once done with those, you may work on your Dramatic Interp which will be due Tuesday

HW due Monday 3/20 to earn dat X in your chain: practice your dramatic interp passage for at least 20 minutes. I recommend splitting that into 10 per will be performing those on Tuesday.

Unit Test: Friday 3/17. (Ovid, irregular verbs, clauses)

HW due Thursday 3/16: write out the principal parts of bring, want, not want, go. Now give me the 2nd person singular present tense for each one. Now the 2nd person plural, imperfect subjunctive for each one. And noooow the 3rd person plural future for each one. And finally, the 1st sg pluperfect. BAM!

HW due Wednesday 3/15: get/make your Ides of March food!! Also, using the vocabulary words "dico," "capio," and "frango" as well as some pronouns, write a sentence with each of the following clauses: indirect statement, ablative absolute, indirect command, indirect question, purpose, result, jussive, gerund (7 total).

HW due Tuesday 3/14: complete the next 5 lines of scansion on your practice sheet. (also, tell everyone you know to go to Chipotle on Tuesday between 4-8 and say "fundraiser". GRATIAS!)

HW due Monday 3/13: work on your dramatic interp passage for at least 10 quality (no music, no TV, no texting) minutes. More wouldn't be a bad idea. Nor would studying for next week's test...clauses? Irregular verbs? Ovid?

HW due Friday 3/10: c/p/t through "alas" in line 209. (we didn't go over the part before in class, field trip people, we are saving it for you!)

Irregular Verb Quiz: Thursday 3/9

HW due Wednesday 3/8: write a quality paragraph explaining which Wonder of the World you think is best on that sheet. Also, complete the back of the FERO synopsis sheet

HW due Tuesday 3/7: complete the second part of the irregular verb worksheet (the compounds of eo) and the synopsis of fero

HW due Monday 3/6: c/p/t through "aura" in line 202

HW due Friday 3/3: c/p/t through "modo" in line 197. It's only two lines...but there's a thing that's a little tricky...

HW due Thursday 3/2: c/p/t through "flectit" in 194

HW due Wednesday 3/1: copy/parse/trnslate through "coeptas" in line 190

HW due Tuesday 2/28: copy/parse/translate lines 183-5 through "pelago"

Gratias vobis ago for working so well on's just warmed my little heart. On Friday you are to take the clause quiz and finish the dramatic interpretation. Once you're done, the video of my going over it is here. Hopefully next week will go back to normal :)

Your Thursday agenda: take the vocab quiz, finish the clause sheet (please ask AP to go over it with you when you're done), then begin parsing/translating your Dramatic Interpretation passage for this year. You should get through half today. Friday there will be a quiz on the clause sheet--labeling and translating them. Thank you guys for working hard in my absence--it means a lot.

Vocab Quiz: Thursday 2/23. Make sure your clause sheet is done by then as well.

Hope the long weekend is restful! Remember to study vocab and HW is to finish the front of the clause practice sheet

HW due Friday 2/17: finish through #7 on the clause sheet

Forgot to post HW....hopefully you just studied some vocab and went to bed

Wonders of the World Project: due Wednesday 2/15

Verb Synopsis Test: Tuesday 2/14

No HW this weekend, but Verb Synopsis Test on Tuesday and Project due Wednesday

HW due Friday 2/10: c/p/t these things with maybe gerunds

  1. Tibi narravi ut eam alligas ad claudendum os eius. (os, oris (n) - mouth)
  2. Eram ignarus flectendi in aurā.
  3. Putas plummas crevisse causā tangendi caelum.
  4. Gratiā coepiendi opus, surrexi paulatim.

HW due Thursday 2/9: c/p/t these fun clause things

  1. Dicebat una mecum virum vagum esse ignarum omnium.
  2. Te rogo ut imam partem cerae tangas.
  3. Coepio intellegere cur pennae surgant.
  4. Plummīs surgentibus Neptunus aurae narravit ut pelagum tangat.

HW due Wednesday 2/8: finish Learn Mode for the new list. Maybe twice?

HW due Tuesday 2/7: c/p/t the following:

  1. Rogavi te ut pennas linteā parvā alligares.
  2. Numquam dixi te esse ignarum.
  3. Ut paulatim surgant avibus narramus.
  4. Opere coepto, tangere plumas non possum.

Vos maxime amo <3

Ariadne Parsing/Translation Quiz: Friday 2/3 and bring your festival Friday supplies for the feast of Concordia

HW due Wednesday 1/2: c/p/t in the story through quotannis

HW due Thursday 2/2: c/p/t up to the last paragraph

Vocabulary Quiz: Tuesday 1/31. Also, make sure you get through at least #12 on the indirect statement practice sheet

HW due Monday 1/30: c/p/t the first paragraph of the Ariadne story and study some vocab!

HW due Friday 1/27: copy and translate:

  1. Dicit virum uxorem optare.
  2. Dixit virum uxorem optare.
  3. Dicit virum cibum optavisse.
  4. Dixit virum cibum optavisse.
  5. Loquitur uxorem taurum optaturam esse.
  6. Locutus est uxorem taurum optaturam esse.

HW due Thursday 1/26: copy and translate:

  1. Vir qui id aedificavit me iuvabit.
  2. Tauri quorum poena erit magna non sedebant.
  3. Homines cogitant uxores suos cibum cupere.
  4. Cibum optimum optari a se magistra dicit.

HW due Wednesday 1/25: copy and translate these participly bits

  1. the bull about to wound me
  2. the proud wife, choosing to help
  3. never hurt the food!
  4. food in fact must be desired, not punishment
  5. the orderes having been obeyed

Verb Synopsis Quiz: Tuesday 1/24

HW due Monday 1/23: complete Learn Mode for the new list. Please make sure you've joined the class, too

HW due Friday 1/20: indicative synopsis in the 1st plural masculine--caedo caedere cecidi caesus - slaughter

HW due Thursday 1/19: copy and translate (do your best!)

  1. The monster was choosing food.
  2. Part of the food was chosen by the wife.
  3. The bull desires many foods.
  4. I was being filled with food.

O mi di! Salvete, discipuli de Latinā quartā.

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