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Novae Res

Russian Test: Wednesday 6/13. Comprehension, reading simple words using the Russian alphabet, and pronunciation (as in, I'll show you a picture of a sentence of a snake eating a cat with the caption "змея ест кошку" and you'll say it aloud)

Comprehension Quiz: Friday 6/8

пожалуйста, я хочу есть!

Ты хочеш кошку?

Здравствуйте! Как дела?

привет! кошка мальчик или девочка?

Remember those pictures we took on the last day? Look at them all here

Dude, no HW

Aeneid Final Exam: Tuesday 5/29

Festival Friday!!!!! Last one?? Bring your food! (and if you're not a senior, please complete that AP Latin survey thing)

HW due Thursday 5/24: go through 297.

HW due Wednesday 5/23: 287-292. 1st block, I think we're in that room again :'-(

***1st black will be in room 113 and 2nd block will be in room 217. HW due Tuesday 5/22: lines 281-286

HW due Monday 5/21: 277-280. (btw this is our last week of Latin...definitely stay on the ball!)

HW due Friday 5/18: 274-276. Not that much! You have until Friday to do that optional extra credit thing too)

HW due Thursday: do 268-273 (also, there's an optional extra credity assignment on Frog)

No HW for Wednesday. You'll have class time to work on the lines for Thursday or to, y'know, take an AP Lang test.

HW due Tuesday 5/15: go through 249

HW due Monday 5/14: go through 238

HW due Friday 5/11: go through 227

HW due Thursday 5/10: go through 222

HW due Wednesday 5/9: go through 215

Aaaand here's the video for 50-56

Monday 5/7: I am sorry to be absent today. Please watch this video going through line 49. Then check through line 56 with a neighbor and compare. Afterwards, we make a big jump ahead in the syllabus so get ready for some action! HW due Tuesday 5/8 lines 201-208

HW due Monday 5/7: get through line 56

No HW tonight! Live it up! Do AP stuff :)

Aeneid Test: Thursday 5/3

HW due Wednesday 5/2: c/p/t through line 39

Aeneid Quiz: Tuesday 5/1

HW due Monday 4/30: c/p/t through line 34

Vocab Quiz: Friday 4/27

HW due Thursday 4:26 do two more lines of the Aeneid and STUDY VOCAB

HW due Wednesday 4/25: c/p/t through line 26 (hint: rati has an imaginary "sumus" after it)

HW due Tuesday 4/24: c/p/t through "complent" in line 20 and do Write Mode for the new list

HW due Monday 4/23: c/p/t through "lateria" in line 19

HW due Friday 4/20: copy/parse/translate through "aedificant" in line 16 (I'll be checking!) and prepare for the vocab quiz.

HW due Thursday 4/19: study vocab! Bring toiletries! And get through "incipiam" in line 13.

HW due Wednesday 4/18: go through "somnos" in line 9. Also, study vocab and bring stuff for the toiletries drive!

Scansion Quiz: Tuesday 4/17. And bring stuff for the toiletries drive!

HW due Monday 4/16: complete your Aeneid summaries and turn it in on Frog (maybe consider studying scansion for Tuesday's quiz)

HW due Friday 4/13: write your opus lamentabile and get your supplies for Cerealia! (I'm moving the scansion quiz to Tuesday)...don't forget to BYOB (bowl) and spoon!!!!

HW due Thursday 4/12: finish the worksheet from class get through book 9 in your Aeneid summaries

HW due Wednesday 4/11: get through book 5 in your Aeneid summaries

Pronoun Quiz: 4/10. Also, try to get through book 2 of the Aeneid. (1st block, I was to ambitious, let's roll it back)

HW due Monday 4/9: complete the pronoun practice worksheet and practice the charts as much as you need to

HW due Friday 4/6: write out pronoun charts however many times you need to do know how the charts themselves go...then complete parts A-D on the back of your pronoun worksheet

HW due Thursday 4/5: complete the front of the pronoun practice paper and work on those pronoun charts a bit

HW due Wednesday 4/4: synopsis of hortor hortari hortatus - urge - 2nd sg Fem...that's right! You can do iiiiit! (if you didn't finish the NLE, please do that too)

There is no homework. Try not to despair.

Ovid Test Wednesday 3/2. Please bring your Ovid book to turn in too.

HW due Tuesday 3/27: finish! omg!

HW due Monday 3/26: go through "auras" in line 228. (hint: careo carēre takes an ablative DO)

HW due Friday 3/22: in addition to the stuff below, please complete Learn Mode for the vocab list

HW due Thursday: after watching the videos, please go through line 222 in the text.
Instead of class today (Wednesday), please watch these videos (front and back) going over the Ovid Worksheet.

HW due Tuesday 5/20: complete Write Mode for the new list

HW due Monday 5/19: c/p/t through "obstipuit" in line 219. Watch out for the's the DO of vidit a few lines later...

Figures of Speech Quiz and Ides of March FESTIVAL: Friday 3/16

If you're taking the National Latin Exam tomorrow, consider looking over some stuff at and remember to go the library for 2nd block. HW for Thursday THE IDES OF MARCH: Turn in your Figures of Speech Latin examples here

HW due Wednesday 3/14: keep studying those Figures of Speech and c/p/t through "nido" in line 214

HW due Tuesday 3/13: find an English example for each of our figures of speech (you can skip Memetic Syntax it you want) and submit them here or use the Frog assignment.

HW due Monday 3/12: c/p/t through "manūs" in line 211. If you were absent, the Frog tab with all the Ovid has what we went over (with a hint for the following bit at the bottom).

Irregular Verb Quiz: Friday 3/9. Also, finish those sentences on the irregular verb handout. The quiz will draw from that sheet, your derivative worksheet, and there'll be one synopsis.

HW due Thursday 3/8: on the derivative worksheet you got in class, complete the front then part C on the back, then on the Irregular Verb Practice worksheet please do #1-8 on the back

HW due Wednesday 3/7: study those crazy irregular verbs! Please finish the front of the irregular verb worksheet (compounds!) and go in Daedalus and Icarus through "viam"

HW due Tuesday 3/6: c/p/t through "vola" in 206. Also, your voting paragraph is due! If you were absent and need to watch one of the videos, you can have a few extra days since I haven't even uploaded them yet. :) I know it's a bit, I'll move your irregular verb quiz over a day so you can focus on doing this stuff well today

HW due Monday 3/5: make sure you have the irregular verb notes and study those and please go through "aura" in line 202 of Daedalus and Icarus

HW due Friday 3/2: go through "mollibat" in line 199. If you were absent, please copy the notes you missed from Frog

HW due Thursday 3/1: go through "aves" in line 195 of Daedalus and Icarus. Also, prepare for a 4th/5th declension quiz

So here's the deal, the 4th and 5th Declension quiz will be Thursday unless you're going on that NIH field trip, in which case you're taking it early on Wednesday. Also, presentations begin Wednesday!

HW due Tuesday 2/27: that 4th/5th declension handout. Both sides!

HW due Monday 2/26 - copy, parse, and translate in Daedalus and Icarus from lines 183-189 (through novat). Watch out for genders of words in case you're not sure what an adjective is describing. Credo in vobis!

Wonders of the World Presentations Begin Wednesday 2/28

Test on Thursday 2/22: synopsis, clauses, Caligula and Alexander readings

Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 2/21

HW due Monday 2/16: complete the Alexander the Great reading (attached on Frog if you were absent). Maybe study for Wednesday's vocab quiz too?

No HW for Friday. You're welcome. Some of you should study clauses and vocab though. :) We will be reading a short passage on Friday. If you're absent, I expect you to do it on your own since it'll show up on our unit test next week.

HW due Thursday 2/15: finish the clause sheet

Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 2/14

HW due Tuesday 2/13: finish through #12 on the clause sheet

HW due Monday 2/12: complete the Caligula story. I promise to actually grade it and give you credit :)

For Friday 2/9: most importantly, BRING YOUR CIBUM, second most importantly, study for the Synopsis Quiz, third most importantly write a "yo mamma" joke with a result clause

HW due Thursday 2/8: complete a synopsis of surgo in the 1st sg M and Write Mode for the Quizlet list

HW due Wednesday 2/7: finish the first paragraph of the Little Boots

4th Declension Declining and Vocab Quiz: Tuesday 2/6

HW due Monday 2/5: complete a half-synopsis for moveo movēre movi motus - move in the 2nd plural Fem

Clause Quiz: Friday 2/2 (I'll give you some sentences and you have to put brackets around the clause and label it...but no translation)

HW due Thursday 2/1: copy, parse as necessary (I highly recommend identifying the clause), and translate these sentences:

  1. Edamus fructum.
  2. Domu visā, impetum fecimus.
  3. Dixi adventum exercitūs esse celerem.
  4. Fluctūs in quibus navigamus sunt magni.
  5. Fugio ab exercitu ut non moriar.
  6. Te rogavi ne currūs prope portum afferres.

HW due Wednesday 1/31: copy, parse as necessary, and translate:

  1. Smell this fruit!
  2. The army has use of that house.
  3. The falls of the chariots made these waves.

HW due Tuesday 1/30: complete Write Mode for the Quizlet list and decline the nouns 1. chariot, 2. hand, 3. knee

O mi di! Salvete, discipuli de Latinā quartā. (if you didn't get a chance before, please take a few minutes to fill out this anonymouse Course Evaluation)

Long-term Things

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