Latin 4

Novae Res

Aeneid parsing quiz is gonna be FRIDAY. Use Wednesday to study?

For HW/quizzes, please check the calendar.

HW due Tuesday 4/23: go through "aedificant" in line 16

HW due Tuesday 4/16: go through "somnos" in line 9

HW due Monday 4/15: go through "fui" in line 6. It's short, so try really hard to do it well! Study some vocab too

HW due Friday 4/12: complete your sad writing assignment and the first 3 lines of book 2 of the Aeneid

HW due Thursday 4/11: cmplete Learn Mode for the new vocab list (and make sure the summaries are turned in! And work on your sad writing thing)

HW due Wednesday 4/10: complete the Aeneid summaries, if you have not done so. Also start studying vocab and working on the writing assignment (up on Frog)

Figures of Speech Quiz: April 4/8 (and Aeneid summaries due!)

1st period kind people who are going to help with you-know-what...make sure to bring a change of clothes and any supplies you're willing to share on Monday. <3 you!

HW due Tuesday 4/9: complete summaries through book 12 of the Aeneid

HW due Thursday 4/4: add summaries to your file for books 3 and 4

HW due Wednesday 4/3: Go to Sparknotes and start Vergil's Aeneid. Get through book 2 and summarize them (include important characters!) in your own words

HW due Tuesday 4/2: for every figure of speech on your list, find at least one example in English and/or Latin. To be turned in electronically. The more examples you find the better. Your eventual quiz will be based on the examples you find, so find good ones.

Wooo test on Friday 3/29!

HW due Thursday 3/28: scan the next chunk 2 chunks of 5 lines.

HW due Wednesday 3/27: c/p/t through the end of Daedalus et Icarus (1st block students, bring things for the toiletries drive!)

HW due Tuesday 3/26: c/p/t through "aqua" in line 230

HW due Monday 3/25: c/p/t through "cerae" in 227 (the first three lines are the hardest!) And if you're in 1st period, get stuff for the Toiletries drive!

Scansion Quiz: Friday 3/22

HW due Thursday 3/21: c/p/t through "alas" in 216

HW due Wednesday 3/20: c/p/t through "timet" in 213

HW due Tuesday 3/19: c/p/t through "alas" in 209

HW due Monday 3/18: c/p/t through "vola" in 206.

BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! ...and bring food :) Also, Vocabulary Quiz: 3/15

HW due Thursday 3/14: make sure you work on vocab a little and please go through "aura" in line 202 of Daedalus and Icarus (and if you're taking the NLE, consider going to to see what the level 4 questions are like)

HW due Wednesday 3/13: go through "opus" in 200

HW due Tuesday 3/12: go through "aves" in line 195 of Daedalus and Icarus. And I'm going to actually check HW tomorrow.'ll happen. :)

HW due Monday 3/11: work on that vocab and get through line 187. Make sure to use the notes!...and think about signing up for the NLE...first people to bring me $5 get dibs :)

HW due Friday 3/8: get ready for subjunctive quiz, Ted Talk assignment, and party prep :)

Your tasks for Thursday:

  1. Pick some verbs together and do some practice subjunctive synopses. AP kids can help you, but text me if you're really unsure.
  2. Start our Daedaelus and Icarus! I just want you to do the first sentence, but do it carefully and well.
  3. Go to Frog and open the assignment. It's a (pretty short) video with questions that go with it. I think you'll like it... questions are due tomorrow!
  4. HW will be to remember your Festival food! and study for the subjunctive quiz

HW due Thursday 3/7: fill in your paper vocab list and complete Write Mode

HW due Wednesday 3/6: complete the clause practice worksheet and get ready for the vocab quiz

HW due Tuesday 3/5: complete #1-7 on the clause practice worksheet (linked on Frog if you were absent. And get the notes too!)

HW due Monday 3/3: guys, actually study the quizlet list a little.

HW due Friday 3/1: c/p/t:

  1. Cor parvum meum molliam amando.
  2. Os meum quondam clausum est sed non putatis hominem id obstructurum esse.
  3. In orā undam quae me oppugnare vuluit vidi.
  4. Fabulas deorum Olympo ad legendum dimittēmus.

HW due Thursday 2/28: copy, parse, and translate--

  1. Pennas in alas flectamus ut surgere coepiamus.
  2. Certe opus tuum tangent et dicent id esse verum.
  3. De undā puto et tum omnes rogo ne ibi stent.
  4. In alīs parvīs pendens non poteram exire ad dormiendum.

HW due Wednesday 2/27: fill out the paper copy of your vocab list and complete Write Mode

HW due Tuesday 2/26: complete the worksheet from class and prepare for a quiz on vocab and 4/5th declensions

HW due Monday 2/25: Wonders of the World project! (and please spend a little time with that vocab list)

Ok, how about you have no homework for Friday and I get to take the weekend to grade your tests? Deal?

Test: Thursday 2/21 including the 3 stories and irregular verbs

HW due Tuesday 2/19: complete Learn mode for the nouns vocabulary list

HW due Friday 2/15: this will be cute, your homework is to DECLINE the following nouns: fluctus, acies, voluntas

HW due Thursday 2/14: c/p/t in the JC reading through "aetate"

Irregular Verb Quiz: Wednesday 2/13. And finish that fero synopsis!

HW due Tuesday 2/12: study your irregular verbs

HW due Monday 2/11: copy/parse/translate...use your irregular verb and gerund/gerundive notes as needed--

  1. Gladios ad pugnandum vultis.
  2. Multas vias transibo ad amicos videndos.
  3. Pueri dona ferentes saepe puellas adeunt.
  4. In proelium transeamus causā necandum hostem.
  5. Anseres sacri virum gratiā pugnandi excitant.
  6. Alexander scriptores ad scribendum de se voluit.
  7. Noli ferre hastas causā edendi.
  8. Nunc est tempus dormiendo.

HW due Friday 2/8: complete the front of the verb worksheet from class and sectino D on the back. Consider also studying these verbs a bit

Guys, I forgot to post this until way too late. I'm sorry. Just relax.

HW due Wednesday 2/6: copy and translate

  1. ferre
  2. ferebant
  3. tulisti
  4. laturus
  5. ferri
  6. ferte
  7. she brings
  8. we will bring
  9. must be brought
  10. having been brought
  11. let's bring

Vocab Quiz: Tuesday 2/5

HW due Monday 2/2: c/p/t through the second paragraph. Spend some time with your vocab list too!

HW due Friday 2/1: copy/parse/translate through "bene munitum."

HW due Thursday 1/31: complete the Alexander translation. And study vocab so we can have a good game tomorrow!

HW due Wednesday 1/30: complete Write Mode for the new list

Long-term Things

Go here for the Quizlet class.

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