Latin 3

Novae Res

HW due Tuesday 10/16: that vocab quiz is coming on Wednesday so spend time on Quizlet, especially on spelling out all those verb principal parts. Maybe a little project time, too?

HW due Monday 10/15: go in Scene III through "scelestus es, impudice!" which about halfway. You could also get a jump start on the project!

Auricula Scenes I and II Parsing/Translating Quiz: Thursday 10/11

HW due Wednesday 10/10: complete scene 2 of Auricula. (do it well, I think we'll have a parsing quiz Thursday)

HW due Tuesday 10/9: go through "Desine" in scene II

In class on Monday, please watch this video going over Scene I of Auricula Meretricula

HW due Monday 10/8: complete Scene 1 of the Auricula play (given to you Thursday) and have the movie worksheet done enough for discussion

Pronoun Quiz: Thursday 10/4

HW due Wednesday 10/3: study the pronoun charts as much as you need to until you know them (maybe use the back of the worksheet from class?). In class we'll be applying them and that goes a lot faster if you can see each chart in your mind.

HW due Tuesday 10/2: complete #1-5 (I didn't assign too them well!)

HW due Monday 10/1: complete the Realtive Pronoun worksheet. (there are a couple typing issues on numbers 6 and 7, so I attached a corrected version on Frog, mea culpa!) Also, 3rd period, don't forget the special HW due Friday

HW due Thursday 9/27: pronoun worksheet

Review Unit Test: Wednesday 9/26

Vocab Quiz: Tuesday 9/25

This coming week, we will have a Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday and then a Review Unit Test on Wednesday. The Pan story (which we will actually go over on Monday, so make sure it's done!) will be the major component of the test.

HW due Friday 9/21: complete front/back of the sheet from class. If you got below a 94 on the last synopsis quiz, you have another one tomorrow. S T U D Y

HW due Thursday 9/20: switch yesterday's instructions :)

HW due Wednesday 9/19: 1st block, prepare for a Quiz on your group's stories (along with a few questions about the other stories) and 3rd block, complete a synopsis (with participles!) on the back of the paper of accipio accipere accepi acceptus - receive - 2nd pl fem

Verb Synopsis Quiz: Tuesday 9/18

HW due Monday 9/17: synopsis of basio basiare basiavi basiatus - kiss in the 3rd plural neut

HW due Friday 9/14: your stories should be totally done and understood so you can plan your play in 15 minutes. Also, vocab quiz!

HW due Thursday 9/13: get halfway through your group's story. Consider studying either verbs or vocab, depending on what you personally need

HW due Wednesday 9/12: more synopses, euge!!

  1. maneo manēre mansi mansus - 2nd pl fem
  2. duco ducere duxi ductus - 3rd pl neut
  3. scribo scribere scripsi scriptus - 1st sg masc

HW due Tuesday 9/11: finish your coat of arms and do a little synopsis for

  1. neco - 1st plural mas
  2. moneo - 3rd st neut
  3. facio - 3rd pl fem

HW due Monday 9/10: complete the Pan and Syrinx story. (I didn't give you enough time for the Coat of Arms, so I'll make sure to do so on Monday)

Declension Quiz: Friday 9/7. Also have your Latin motto and a basic Coat of Arms plan ready to go

HW due Thursday 9/6: c/p/t the second 2 paragraphs of the Pan story (I'm checking for a grade!)

HW due Wednesday 9/5: copy/parse/translate the first paragraph of the Pan Story. Also do the thing below

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