Latin 3

Novae Res

Thursday and Friday are for presentations! I'm excited to hear the rest. If you've already presented, I'm hoping you'll listen and ask questions, but if you have a study guide out for a later final it'll be okay.

When you get a chance, please take a few minutes to fill out this anonymouse Course Evaluation

Final Exam: Wednesday 1/24

On Tuesday we'll go over the synopses from the study guide, practice the Catullus poems a little, and have presentations. If you have questions, come prepared with them! If you want to stay after school, I'll be here!

HW due Monday 1/22: complete poem 101. Consider that study guide too...I think we'll go over the first synopsis on Monday

mini-Catullus Test: Friday 1/19

HW due Thursday 1/18: complete poem 86

HW due Wednesday 1/17: complete the video+questions Assignment on Frog. Make sure you find time for the first half of the Napkin Thief poem too.
***think about whether you want to try the NLE this year

HW Tuesday 1/16: complete Poem 12: The Napkin Thief (front and back). PARSE. Also, please watch the video for Catullus 5.

HW due Friday 1/12: parse and translate Catullus 5. I expect to see parsing on there if you expect full credit. (if you didn't get to do your recitation today, you'll be going on Friday)

Catullus Recitation Test: Thursday. Also, please complete the first 4 lines of the new poem

Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday. Catullus recitation: Thursday.
      *in addition, we're going to have to give up on that Ariadne story due to time. So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to make that story OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT. If you parse and translate it and turn it into me on Wednesday, I'll offer you either formative/summative extra credit...whichever you want. :) And yes, if you want to just parse on the paper, you can. No, you may not work with a friend.

HW due Wednesday 1/3: complete the 1st paragraph of the Ariadne story. (btw, make sure you turned in your project notes/sources and remember that vocab quiz will be Thursday)

Over break, study the Catullus poem some (here is the 1st block recording and here's 3rd) and get the projects done. I'm excieted to see what you create!

Wednesday 12/20: 1st block will have our gift exchange! Bring your gifts and food!

HW due Tuesday 12/19: c/p/t through line 10 of Cenabis Bene

HW due Monday 12/18: complete Write Mode for the new list, and c/p/t these practice sentences:

  1. Amicos nostros conturbemus.
  2. Senes rogat ut vinum nasīs eorum olfaciant.
  3. Matrem meam rogo ne cenam sine me edat.
  4. Inquam, cenemus apud te eleganter.

HW due Friday 12/15: complete lines 1-4 in the Salve Puella poem. Time left? Work on that project!

HW due Thursday 12/14: complete an infinitive chart for each verb below, and conjugate in the requested tense/voice/mood--

  1. pugno pugnare - present active subjunctive
  2. audio audire - present passive subjunctive
  3. sequor sequi - present subjunctive

Boudicca Test: Wednesday 12/13

Vocab Quiz: Tuesday 12/12

HW due Monday 12/11: the first 2 sentences of the 4th paragraph of Boudicca (remember, we're skipping paragraph 3). The vocab Quiz will be Tuesday btw

HW due Friday 12/8: finish the first paragraph of Boudicca, if you didn't in class. Work on your vocab and project too!

HW due Thursday 12/7: complete little infinitive charts for

  1. scio scire scivi scitus
  2. nuntio nuntiare nuntiavi nuntiatus
  3. loquor loqui locutus (not all the forms exist!)
  4. cerno cernere crevi cretus

HW due Wednesday 12/6: copy, parse, and translate

  1. Credo discipulos meos sunt optimos.
  2. Speratis magistram amare tam.
  3. Equus sentit nos morari se.
  4. Discipuli negant se scribere posse.

HW due Tuesday 12/5: fill in the rest of your list and complete Write Mode for the VMP list

HW due Monday 12/4: complete the front and back of the deponent worksheet we started on Wednesday. Also, PLEASE, fill in who you have for Secret Saturn if you haven't yet

Deponent Quiz: Friday 12/1

HW due Thursday 11/30: complete #1-7 on the Deponent worksheet. 1st block, have those choices ready to go! If you didn't finish the Comedy Assignment, do that too. Gooooo team!

HW due Wednesday 11/29: complete the Comedy Assignment on Frog (maybe a little Quizlet time too?)

HW due Tuesday 11/28: complete the front of the deponent worksheet and #1-13 on the back. If you have extra time, work on the Auricula Comedy assignment as well

HW due Monday 11/27: complete Learn Mode for the Deponent List. You may also work on the Comedy Analysis assignment on Frog, though it's not techincally due until Wednesday 11/29

Comparative/Superlative Quiz: Tuesday 11/21

Auricula Test: Monday 11/20. QUAESO fill our the Secret Saturn thing below

HW due Friday 11/17: complete this about your Secret Saturn and then complete Write Mode for the list

HW for Thursday 11/16: practice your Auricula lines and consider writing it laptops during your performance! Maybe a little Quizlet time too? (I changed my mind about giving you sentences...we'll practice comparison more tomorrow)

HW for Wednesday 11/15: FINISH THE AURICULA VIDEO (linked on Frog). Then form these in the nom sg:

  1. shortest time
  2. worse thot
  3. sweetest old man
  4. stupidest daughter
  5. biggest pimp
  6. the boldest man
  7. wilder dog

HW due Tuesday 11/14: decline the following

  1. more faithful thot
  2. stronger wind
  3. shorter word

HW over the Waterfowl weekend: finish scene IX and do scene X of Auricula. I'll count it as a double HW grade since it's more than usual :)

HW due Wednesday 11/8: complete the Ablative Absolute practice and watch the video. Save your questions to ask!

Vocabulary Quiz: Tuesday 11/7

Emperor Card Project due: Monday 11/6

HW due Friday 11/3: finish the part of scene IX up until (continue on back) and work on the project

HW due Thursday 11/2: go through "Exit Ballio" in Auricula Scene 9

HW due Wednesday 11/1: complete Write Mode for the new list. Maybe work on your cards a little?

HW due Tuesday 10/31: complete scene VIII of Auricula. If you've got extra time, consider working on the project? Tomorrow is the last for to bring things for the food drive!

HW due Monday 10/30: complete another emperor card (leaving out the song part if you're not ready for that yet). This is your last X!! (also, 1st block, Monday is your last day to bring non-perishable food so I have time to match it by Tuesday!)

Quiz on Friday 10/27: parsing/translating from scenes VI/VII of Auricula

HW due Thursday 10/26: c/p/t in Auricula through the end of scene VII and into scene VIII, though "spopondit". (also, don't forget to work on your projects and bring food for the food drive!)

HW due Wednesday 10/25: complete the Caligula assignment on Frog. If you have extra time on that project a little?

HW due Tuesday 10/24: c/p/t in scene VII through Dolia's big paragraph. Hint: video means "seem" when it's passive

HW due Monday 10/23: I'd like you to choose an emperor to start doing a card have three to choose from and they're pretty interesting, I think. To earn your X, I expect to see either a Word file or a sheet of notes...enough facts for one emperor. Maybe not the songs part yet :)

HW due Friday 10/20: finish scene VI (the rest is under the vocab on the next page)

HW due Thursday 10/19: scene VI until Miles and Edax leave

HW due Wednesday 10/18: we're going to start the next stage of Roman history! To prepare mentally, take a few minutes and see if you can remember how things ended in Latin 2, after the Republic. Hint: Julius Caesar is what it's all about

Unit Text: 10/17 -- Auricula, verb synopsis, pronouns

HW due Monday 10/16: complete scene V of Auricula. (hints: amor amoris M is the noun for love, in Laurina's 2nd time talking "amare" is functioning as a subject) **1st block students, don't forget to bring non-perishable food**

Vocabulary Quiz: Friday 10/13

HW due *Thursday* 10/11: complete scene IV of Auricula. To get those Xes for both today and tomorrow, toss in 20 minutes of studying vocab over these two days

HW due Tuesday 10/10: complete the back of today's worksheet (fun verb forms!) and the front if you didn't finish in class

Sorry I'm not in school today. Good luck on your quiz! Please fill in your sheet and complete Write Mode for this last Auricula list. Have a fun weekend! Cupcakes are better than beer!

Vocab Quiz on Friday 10/6. Hint: there might be some review on there...

HW due Thursday 10/5: c/p/t through the end of scene 3, and the first 3 dialogue bits in scene 4 (through "navigabit"). P.S. The best way to translate that "et idem occidi" is something like "and I killed them the same"

HW due Wednesday 10/4: translate these participle-containing sentences in the nominative:

  1. I hear girls singing songs.
  2. The great soldier, conquering a new land, lives with many cares.
  3. Go on, students, seize the fleeing hour!
  4. His speed is about to be so great!

HW due Tuesday 10/3: c/p/t in scene III of Auricula through "matremque"

HW due Monday 10/2: complete Write Mode for the new list. (1st block, don't forget your little test!)

Verb Synopsis mini-Test: Friday 9/29

HW due Thursday 9/28: c/p/t the second scene of Auricula. Consider studying verbs too

HW due Wednesday 9/27: finish the *first* scene of Auricula Meretricula

HW due Tuesday 9/26: verb synopsis of revenio revenire revēni reventus - return in 3rd plural neuter. If you didn't get the verb notes in class, watch them here.

HW due Monday 9/25: verb synopsis of emo emere emi emptus - buy in 1st pl neuter

Quiz on Friday 9/22: parsing/translating of the Pan et Syringa story as well as your individual stories. You also might want to try to remember what the other stories are about :)

HW for Thursday 9/21: make sure to put a few things on your movie paper (if you can't remember anything, you can find the movie on youtube?) and take a minute to try to remember the relative pronoun chart :)

Pronoun Quiz: Wednesday 9/20

HW due Tuesday 9/19: complete on your verb synopsis sheet (muto and dico) through what we have reviews--the perfect system and Imperative as well as the Pan story. Be ready to answer questions about it in Latin! Also, study those pronouns and what they mean...your quiz will include questions that require you to translate them in context.

HW due Monday 9/18: finish the Pan et Syringa story. Study verbs and/or pronouns if you need to!

HW due Friday 9/15: c/p/t through "ero", halfway through the Pan et Syringa story

HW due Thursday 9/14: copy and translate. Pay attention to tense/voice!

  1. Id capiēmus.
  2. Hoc a me scribebatur.
  3. Eae ad hoc ducebantur.
  4. Viri se habent quod miseri sunt.
  5. Pecuniam eīs debebo sed illi nobis dabunt.
  6. Hae manebant et illi venient.
  7. De eo monebas et nunc valebo.

Vocabulary Quiz: 9/13

HW due Tuesday 9/12: complete the 9/11 article assignment on Frog

HW due Monday 9/11: Coat of Arms! Make sure you understand your story well enough to be able to perform it after 10 minutes of prep.

Noun Endings Quiz: Friday 9/8. I promise to ACTUALLY give you time to work on the Coat of Arms, so make sure you know what you want to do...those will be due Monday

HW due Thursday 9/7: copy, parse as necessary, and translate--

  1. Many men come to the road today.
  2. We used to owe money, but they gave us enough.
  3. A poor woman led me to the road, therefore I will give her money.

HW due Wednesday 9/6: complete Write Mode for the new list! Make sure you joined the class first!!!

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