Latin 2

Novae Res

Buildings of Rome Project: due Tuesday 6/4

HW due Tuesday 5/27: on the back of the present active participle worksheet where you have 6 participle charts, complete one for each of the following verbs:

  1. credo credere credidi creditus - trust
  2. habeo habēre habui habitus - hold
  3. capio capere cepi captus - take, seize
  4. culpo culpare culpavi culpatus - blame
  5. mitto mittere misi missus - send
  6. oppugno oppugnare oppugnavi oppugnatus - attack

HW due Wednesday 5/22: complete Write Mode for the new list

Vocabulary Quiz: Tuesday 5/21

No HW due Wednesday. Live it up!

HW due Tuesday 5/14: copy each sentence and underline the participle in it. Draw an arrow to the noun it describes and label what kind of participle it is. (If you were absent, please find the notes on Frog)

  1. Pan still loves the girl having been transformed into a tree.
  2. Cincinnatus, about to fight, took up the dictator's power.
  3. Mucius Scaevola has a stump that must be bandaged.
  4. The Horatii brothers saw the Curiatii running at them.

Unit Test: Friday 5/10

HW due Thursday 5/9: go through "in ripā mutant" in the story

HW due Wednesday 5/8: complete the first two paragraphs of our story and Write Mode for the new list

Open-Note History Test: Friday 5/3

Your tasks for Wednesday:

  1. Either with one neighbor or individually, get out a sheet of paper and load up these two vidoes (What if? and Gracchi)
  2. After you watch each video, discuss it together and write a short response. Your responses should reference some facts from the video and incorporate them with history we've discussed before.
  3. Finish the Cincinnatus story. You can check your parsing here and then we'll go over questions tomorrow before the quiz.

HW due Wednesday 5/1: go through "sumpsit" in the Cincinnatus story

Hannibal Assignment due Tuesday 4/30

HW due Monday 4/26: complete the second paragraph of the Cincinnatus story

Cincinnatus Vocab Quiz: Friday 4/26

HW due Thursday 4/25: complete the first paragraph of the Cincinnatus story

HW due Wednesday 4/24: complete the first two sentences of the Cincinnatus story

HW due Wednesday 4/17: read over the Caesar play (on Frog) and think about the role you might want. Class with the best play gets extra credit!

What if on Tuesday I gave you a quiz on the interrogative pronoun chart?

HW due Monday 4/15: Caesar Expressions assignment on Frog

Parsing/Translationg Quiz: Friday 4/12

HW due Thursday 4/11: complete Write Mode for the new Quizlet list

HW due Wednesday 4/10: complete derivative worksheet and get ready for the QUIZ

HW due Tuesday 4/9: complete the story and accompanying questions

HW due Thursday 4/4: I want to play Cicero Dicit so you'd better know your words!!

HW due Wednesday 4/3: complete Learn mode for the Corpus Humanum vocab list

Twitter Project due: Tuesday 4/2

Wooo test on Friday 3/29!

HW due Thursday 3/28: complete the Regulus story

Vocabulary Quiz: 3/27

HW due Tuesday 3/26: copy, parse, and translate through "mittunt" in the 2nd paragraph. Consider studying vocab too! That quiz is Wednesday!

HW due Monday 3/25: copy, parse, and translate through the end of the 1st paragraph of the Regulus story. Consider studying vocab a bit too...quiz and test coming up this week!

HW due Friday 3/22: copy, parse, and translate through "duxit" in the 1st paragraph of the Regulus paragraph

Relative Pronoun and Clause Quiz: Thursday 3/21

2nd block! Today, please use the file on Frog in class then spend some time getting those Twitter projects going.

HW due Wednesday 3/20: complete #13-19 on the relative clause sheet

HW due Tuesday 3/19: complete #5-10 on the relative clause sheet

HW due Monday 3/18: complete Write Mode for the new list

Verb Synopsis Quiz: Friday 3/15

HW due Thursday 3/14: on a regular sheet of paper, do a synopsis of mitto mittere misi missus - send in the 2nd person singular, neuter. (and if you're taking the NLE, consider going to to get used to the style of question)

HW due Wednesday 3/13: do a synopsis of specto spectare spectavi spectatus in the 1st person plural, masculine

Mucius Scaevola Parsing/Translation Quiz: Tuesday 3/12

HW due Monday 3/11: complete the Mucius Scaevola story (we'll go over it Monday then take a quiz Tuesday) and think about signing up for the NLE...first people to bring me $5 get dibs :)

HW due 3/8: get through "incendunt" in the Mucius Scaevola story

2nd block, here are your tasks for class on Thursday:

  1. Complete this independently. You should not know how to do every single question.
  2. Copy, parse, and translate in the Mucius Scaevola story about halfway through the next paragraph, through the word "incendunt"
  3. Whatever of the story you don't finish is homework, but the first task must be done before you leave.

HW due Thursday 3/6: 5th block -- finish your 12 Tables assignment

Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 3/6

HW due Tuesday 3/5: complete the 1st paragraph of the Mucius Scaevola story

HW due Monday 3/3: copy, parse, and translate the first two sentences of the Mucius Scaevola story (it's posted on Frog if you were absent)

HW due Friday 3/1: finish the front of that worksheet as preparation for the PASSIVE QUIZ

HW due Thursday 2/28: copy and translate this mixture of active and passive verbs:

  1. postulabamus
  2. postulabamur
  3. rogatur
  4. stabit
  5. timebimini
  6. expellebantur
  7. ponēmur
  8. revenientur
  9. I am feared
  10. she was asked
  11. they are put

HW due Wednesday 2/27: complete Write Mode for the new vocab list

Pronoun Quiz: Tuesday 2/26

HW due Monday 2/25: spend at least 10 minutes each day working on your HIC and ILLE charts...quiz is Tuesday!

HW due Friday 2/22: write out the hic charts (singular and plural) 3 times. Try to not look as you write the second and third that memory!

Review Unit Test: Thursday 2/21 and your HW is to study whichever parts you need to study for. Test will include: parsing/translating the Horatii story, 2 verb synopses, numbers and numerals, and personal pronouns.

HW due Tuesday 2/19: practice your HIC HAEC HOC chart and complete the recording assignment on Frog

Horatii Parsing/Translating Quiz: Friday 2/15

HW due Thursday 2/14: complete a synopsis of TENEO TENĒRE TENUI TENITUS - HOLD, KEEP in the 2nd person plural

Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 2/13

Hw due Tuesday 2/12: conjugate the verb CURRO CURRERE CUCURRI CURSUS in the present, future, perfect, and pluperfect tenses (label which is which!) and translate one form from each.

HW due Monday 2/11: copy/parse/translate through "necat" in the Horatii story. If you have extra time, study that vocab

Verb Tense (imperfect, present, future) Quiz: Friday 2/8

HW due Thursday 2/7: complete Write Mode for the new list and make sure you get through at least "bellum" in the story if you're in 2nd block and through the 1st paragraph if you're in 5th block.

HW due Wednesday 2/6: copy, identify tense, and translate

  1. ambulabamus
  2. spectant
  3. habebis
  4. faciam
  5. ducebatis
  6. docēs
  7. dabunt
  8. cogito
  9. dormire

Math Quiz: Tuesday 2/5

HW due Monday 2/4: study those numbers and numerals! Consider using the Quizlet. I'm not sure how much time we'll have in class on Monday to prepare for Tuesday's quiz so make sure you're preparing

HW due Friday 2/1: please copy this English short story and label the sentence roles of nouns: One boy saw seven bears with a hundred teeth. The bears' teeth were big. Six girls gave the boy swords and so he stabbed six of the bears but the seventh one ate him.

HW due Thursday 1/31: complete exercises 3 and 4 on the Roman Numeral worksheet

HW due Wednesday 1/30: choose 5 of our number words and think of or look up and English word that is derived from each. (e.g. unus --> unicorn which has ONE horn)

Salvete, discipuli. Estis in Latina secunda!

Long-term Things

Go here for the Quizlet class.

If you are a long-lost student, here are the review packet answers. Also, you're fabulous!

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