Latin 2

Novae Res

HW due Tuesday 2/20th: record yourself reading the entire "Tot Verbs" vocab list (Latin and English). You will be graded on pronunciation and accuracy. You may either email it to me (if you use your phone) or use the Frog assignment (which also has instructions for how to use Quicktime).

Verb Quiz: 2/16. Study those passive endings!

HW due Thursday 2/15: finish the Horatii story and verb worksheet if you didn't already (I'll check it for credit on Thursday). Also copy and translate these verb forms:

  1. sciebantur
  2. mittimini
  3. capiētis
  4. ducor
  5. docebitur

HW due Wednesday 2/14: finish the Horatii story and do Write Mode for the new list

HW due Tuesday 2/13: get through "adiuvant!” in the Horatii story and then prepare for the Pronoun Quiz

HW due Monday 2/12: in preparation for Tuesday's pronoun quiz, complete Learn Mode for the IS EA ID list

Verb Quiz on Friday 2/9: 3 tenses, and subject-verb agreement...just like the worksheet with the elephant

HW due Thursday 2/8: get up to the end of the paragraph in the Horatii story and copy/parse/translate these pronoun sentences (WATCH OUT FOR VERB TENSES):

  1. Nos te necabimus.
  2. De eo dicebant.
  3. Eos et vos vidēmus.
  4. Nos de eīs dicēmus.
  5. Cur eae id faciunt?

HW due Wednesday 2/7: get up to the quote in the Horatii story and copy/translate these pronoun sentences-

  1. Ea me videt.
  2. Nos te videmus.
  3. Id mihi da!
  4. Amicus eius est bonus.
  5. Vos amo.

Numbers and Numerals Quiz: Tuesday 2/6

HW due Monday 2/5: complete the front of the heri-hodie-cras worksheet

1st and 2nd declension Endings Quiz: 2/2

HW due Thursday 2/1: copy and turn the Roman numerals to our (Arabic) numerals and the words to Latin words:

  2. CCIL
  6. eighteen
  7. eleven
  8. a thousand
  9. seventeen
  10. five

HW due Wednesday 1/31: Responde Latine:

  1. Quot sunt tres et duo?
  2. Quot sunt tres de decem?
  3. Quot sunt decem et octo?
  4. Quot sunt unus de quindecim?
  5. Quot sunt sex et undecim?
  6. Quot sunt decem multiplicat decem?

HW due Tuesday 1/30: please copy this English short story and label the sentence roles of nouns: One boy saw seven bears with a hundred teeth. The bears' teeth were big. Six girls gave the boy swords and so he stabbed six of the bears but the seventh one ate him.

Salvete, discipuli. Estis in Latina secunda!

If you are a long-lost student, here are the review packet answers. Also, you're fabulous!

Long-term Things

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