Latin 1

Novae Res

HW due Tuesday 10/16: complete scene III. (sunt mea ista is really hard, you can leave that blank for now if you want)

HW for Monday 10/15: spend at least 15 minutes on Quizlet and at least 15 minutes doing research for your domus project

Quiz! on Thursday 10/ the back of the worksheet from class for HW and we'll go over it before the quiz

HW due Wednesday 10/10: copy and translate

  1. Sum magnus.
  2. Puella est parva.
  3. Ursae sunt mortunae.
  4. Sumus laeti.
  5. Mea hasta est cara.
  6. The girls are foolish.
  7. The god is proud.
  8. You are bad.
  9. We are not dead.

HW due Tuesday 10/9: complete Write Mode for the new vocab list

Salvete on this fine Friday! Your class tasks today include a little Quizlet time, completing this practice and putting a quality half hour of research time into your Domus project! Remember to keep track of those sources as you go along

HW due Friday 10/5: study that vocabulary! If you're still reading, I'll tell you that the quiz isn't actually until monday but I think you shouldn't tell people who don't check the site of this secret fact and just enjoy it for yourself. But I recommend studying a little bit anyway :)

HW due Thursday 10/4: complete the vocabulary list recitation (assignment on Frog)

Declining Quiz: Wednesday 10/3

HW due Tuesday 10/2: complete the camel worksheet and consider studying for the 2nd declension quiz on Wednesday and/or the Vocab quiz on Thursday

HW due Monday 10/1: complete Learn Mode for the new vocab list

Unit Test: Thursday 9/27. Make sure to study conjugating verbs, declining nouns, our culture readings, the conversation, marking sentence roles, and translating (from that story about the Puella).

2nd block, your Conjugation Quiz will be Wednesday. Everyone, consider using tonight to organize your binder...get everything in the right section. It's a nice way to start studying for Thursday's TEST too :)

Verb Conjugations Quiz: Tuesday 9/25

HW due Monday 9/24: complete the verb worksheet (on the back of "Subject / Direct Object (w plurals!)")

Vocabulary Quiz - Friday 9/21

HW due Thursday 9/20: no official assignment. I've decided the vocabulary quiz will be Friday and verb quiz will be Tuesday. Please use at least 10 minutes today to study accordingly.

HW due Wednesday 9/19: conjugate the following verbs fully in Latin (and translate one form from each into English)--

  1. paro parare paravi paratus - prepare
  2. doceo docēre docui doctus - teach
  3. capio capere cepi captus - take, seize
  4. scio scire scivi scitus - know

First Declension Quiz: Tuesday 9/18 and finish the story for HW

HW due Monnday 9/17: decline these nouns on your sheet (make sure to spell out the cases!)

  1. via, viae (f) - road
  2. pirata, piratae (m) - pirate

HW due Friday 9/14: complete Write Mode for the new vocabulary list

Vocabulary Quiz: Thursday 9/13

HW due Wednesday 9/12: on the sheet from class, decline the noun "cena, cenae (f) - dinner" AND complete Write Mode on Quizlet

HW due Tuesday 9/11: complete your bulla and work on the vocab on Quizlet

HW due Monday 9/10: complete the Conversation (assignment on Frog)

Have you made your Quizlet account with your Latin name? Now click here to join our class

HW due Friday 9/7: complete your Bulla final draft. I'll give you time in class on Friday to add the string

HW due Thursday 9/6: complete your bulla rough draft

HW due Wednesday 9/5: pick a Latin name!

Soon, when you check here, you'll find assignments. Quam mirabile!

Getting supplies for school? Here's what you'll need:

  • Binder
  • Dividers (5)
  • Lined paper
  • Dry erase marker with eraser
  • (optional) colored pens

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