Latin 1

Novae Res

2nd block's final exam is Thursday and 5th's is Friday. I recommend working your way through the whole study guide, especially the Romulus and Remus story

HW due Wednesday 1/24: try the 2nd paragraph of the Romulus and Remus story. Work on as much study guide as you have time for tonight

HW due Tuesday 1/23: complete the phrases sheet. (also, make sure you've completed paragraph #1 of the Romulus et Remus story)

All your grades are in Powerschool, if you have any missing quizzes, expect to take them on Monday or keep your 0. You will have a binder check this week, so maybe use the weekend to get your binder in order and make sure you have all the bellringers done. Work on the study guide!

Verb Conjugation Quiz including perfect: Friday 1/19

HW due Thursday 1/18: complete the mythology vocabulary worksheet. Then copy and translate:

  1. Videbit nos.
  2. Cur tu fugis a me?
  3. Regina te servabit.
  4. I will seize you.
  5. We will overcome y'all

Wednesday 1/17: test on the Aeneas story. I'll post some of the parsing up on Frog later, but make sure to study endings and vocab!
***we didn't get through it all in class for, y'know, reasons. To aid in your studying, here's a video of me going over the 4th paragraph. The test will not draw from the last one.
***think about whether you want to try the NLE this year

HW due Tuesday 1/16: copy, parse, and translate the rest of the Aeneid. We'll go over it on Tuesday, then take a small summative on it Wednesday. I highly recommend studying the vocab list to increase your odds of success :)

Future (and who knows what other tense!?!??) Conjugation Quiz: Friday 1/12

HW due Thursday 1/11: complete the first 2 paragraphs of the Aeneid (copy the Latin, parse it, and translate)

Ok so today was fun. 5th period, you missed the paper copy of the vocabulary list, so you're going to have to write it out yourselves based on Quizlet. Then Homework is to complete Write Mode for this new list.

HW due Wednesday 1/3: conjugate these verbs in the FUTURE tense in Latin and translate one form from each into English:

  1. habeo habēre habui habitus - have
  2. do dare dedi datus - give
  3. porto portare portavi portatus - carry

Your Mythology Book Project is due the day we get back from break! The assignment description is linked on Frog--definitely read it over! Make sure you check out the feedback I left for you on Frog regarding your rough drafts. Feel free to email me with question

HW due Wednesday 12/20: finish the Trojan War story. We will have a quiz on it! How exciting

HW due Tuesday 12/19: copy, parse, and translate in Bellum Troianum through "navigant" in the middle of the third paragraph

HW due Monday 12/18: copy, parse, and translate in Bellum Troianum through "iratus est" in the 2nd paragraph.
    P.S. I'm going to finish your rough drafts over the weekend. Be thinking about what pictures you might want to have so we can work on your captions this week!

Vocabulary Quiz: Friday 12/15

Sum/Possum Quiz: Thursday 12/14

Mythology Project Rough Draft: due Wednesday 12/13

HW due Tuesday 12/12: complete #1-10 on the practice worksheet. And be ready for a vocab game!

HW due Monday 12/11: complete the back of the Mythology worksheet and complete Write Mode for the new list

Friday 12/8: Gods and Goddesses Quiz

I bet some of you really want to study an extra day so let's make the quiz be Friday, but to actually make that delay worthwhile you have to study tonight. Study lots!

Gods and Goddesses Quiz will be Thursday...keep studying!

Tuesday 12/5: Declining Quiz, featuring 3rd declension.

HW due Monday 12/4: spend at least 15 minutes working on the gods and goddesses

HW due 12/1: decline these nouns

  1. ignis, ignis (f) - fire
  2. rex, regis (m) - king
  3. corpus, corporis (n) - body
  4. verbum, verbi (n) - word

I regret to inform you that there is no homework tonight.

Unit Test: Wednesday 11/19. (conjugating in present/imperfect, declining nouns in 1st and 2nd declension, culture questions, and the Arachne and Minerva story)

HW due Tuesday 11/28: complete the A+M story, if you haven't already, then decline these nouns:

  1. liber, libri (m) - book
  2. nauta, nautae (m) - sailor
  3. bellum belli (n) - war

HW due Monday 11/27: complete the Arachne et Minerva story. Maybe work on some vocab if you're not feeling strong?

2nd Declension Vocab List Quiz: Tuesday 11/21

HW due Monday 11/20: please spend some time on Quizlet studying your vocab. 2nd block--make sure you're through the first 2 paragraphs of the story, 5th block make sure you're through the first

HW due Friday 11/17: complete the 1st paragraph of the Minerva and Arachne story and study for the Imperfect/Present Conjugating Quiz

HW due Thursday 11/16: complete Write Mode for the Quizlet list

HW due Wednesady 11/15: complete #10-18, then spend a little time on Quizlet

HW due Tuesday 11/14: complete #1-9 on the 2nd declension practice sheet

HW due Sunday 11/12: complete the Domus Evaluation on Frog

Vocabulary Quiz and Story Markup/Translation Test: Tuesday 11/7

Study vocab hard this weekend, since on Tuesday we will have both a Vocabulary Quiz and a little Test on parts 1 and 2 of the Minerva+Arachne Story. We'll be finishing Part 2 in class on Monday.

HW due Friday 11/3: finish the 2nd paragraph of the Arachne + Minerva story. We'll go over it in class then take a QUIZ ooooh exciting. Study your Sentence Roles and endings!

HW due Thursday 11/2: copy, mark up, and translate the 1st paragraph of the Arachne et Minerva story part 2

HW due Wednesday 11/1: copy, mark up, and translate

  1. Amicus meus vidēre temptat.
  2. Deinde hastam capit.
  3. Primo me necare temptat itaque ambulo in silvam.

HW due Tuesday 10/31: complete Write Mode for the new vocab list and study a little more

Roman Domus Project due Monday 10/30

Quiz on Friday 10/27: the Minerva and Arachne story (marking up sentence roles and translating)

HW due Thursday 10/26: in the Minerva and Arachne story, go through "dat" in the third paragraph of the story

HW due Wednesday 10/25: complete the next two sentences in the story. Remember, conjunctions (quod/dum/et) can connect 2 SVOs

HW due Tuesday 10/24: copy and translate the first paragraph of the Arachne et Minerva story

HW over the weekend: please put at least a solid half hour into your domus project

HW due Friday 10/20: finish the front/back of that worksheet to prepare for the Sentence Role Quiz. We'll go over the worksheet before if you have questions ready. Make sure to mark POOP phrases and to check if the subject is in the verb's ending

Vocabulary Quiz: Thusday 10/19 (you don't have to finish that worksheet, but it would be good practice...)

HW due Wednesday 10/18: copy and translate. Make sure to find the POOP!!!

  1. Sto cum deā pulchrā.
  2. De sapientiā clamant.
  3. Cur ex silvā magnā erras?
  4. Agricola puellam ab nautā et in silvam portat.

HW due Tuesday 10/17: copy and translate. Make sure to draw ARROWS from adjectives to the nouns they describe.

  1. Magna dea est pulchra.
  2. Deam parvam non video.
  3. Deus magnus malam deam amat.
  4. Fabula tua est de multīs deīs.

HW due Monday 10/16: using our new vocab and the "sum" verb, copy and translate:

  1. Dea est mala.
  2. Es bonus.
  3. Sumus magni.
  4. Ursae sunt parvae.
  5. Sum laeta quod es meus.

HW due Friday 10/13: complete Write Mode for the new list on Quizlet

Phrase Vocab Quiz: Thursday 10/11. Good luck with the PSAT on Wednesday!

Please complete this during Wednesday's class

HW due Tuesday 10/10: complete LEARN mode of Quizlet for the phrases list

No HW tonight! Great job on your tests!

Wednesday 10/4: Unit Test and Binder Check (I'm looking for organization and bellringers!)

HW due Tuesday 10/3: I highly recommend getting your binder organized (put everything in the right section) case there's a graded binder check...but your actual HW is to decline these nouns:

  1. ager, agri (m) - farm
  2. equus, equi (m) - horse
  3. poeta, poetae (m) - poet

Wednesday's Unit Test topics:

  1. conjugating verbs from all 4 conjugations
  2. declining nouns from 1st and 2nd declension
  3. inserting the right verb ending to make sure a sentence has subject-verb agreement
  4. some basics of our introductory conversation practicing
  5. translating sentences (figuring out which is the subject/direct object and whether it's singular or plural)
  6. answering questions from our culture readings (like the Latin words from the declaration of independence or Who Were the Romans)
  7. HW due Monday 10/2: keep studying verbs (since EHS had drills that delayed ours) and heads up: Unit Test will be Wednesday

    Verb Conjugation Quiz: Friday 9/29

    HW due Thursday 9/28: conjugate these verbs in Latin. Choose one form from each to translate into English (like, just the -mus one)

    1. paro parare paravi paratus - prepare
    2. facio facere feci factus - do
    3. depono deponere deposui depositus - put away
    4. aperio aperire aperui apertus - open

    Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday 9/27

    HW for Tuesday 9/26: spend at least 10 minutes working on your vocab list--make sure you're practicing spelling all the parts. That quiz will be Wednesday!

    HW due Monday 9/25: finish your preposition camel worksheet...we'll be looking at everyone's, so make sure they're done right!

    Quiz on Friday 9/22: subject-verb agreement and translating in SVO order

    HW due Thursday 9/21: make an account and/or log into Quizlet and JOIN THE CLASS. Then complete "Write Mode" until you get 100%

    No HW for Wednesday 9/20, instead think about the presentation

    1st Declension Quiz: Tuesday 9/19

    HW due Monday 9/18: Make sure you practice spelling out the cases!...and decline these nouns:

    1. hasta, hastae (f) - spear
    2. nauta, nautae (m) - sailor
    3. patria, patriae (f) - country

    HW due Friday 9/15: draw out a declension chart, spell out the cases, and decline the noun vita, vitae (f) - life

    HW due Thursday 9/14: copy and translate these sentences:

    1. Y'all see the dinner.
    2. He loves the girl.

    Verb Conjugation Quiz: 9/13

    HW due Tuesday 9/12: Be ready to pronounce the adjectives on your bulla and say what they mean to the class.

    Hw due Monday 9/11: have a fun conversation with your parents in Latin! Detailed directions are on the Assignment in Frog.

    HW due Friday 9/8: write out a little Latin dialogue between two people meeting each other...make sure they say hello and learn each other's names, and maybe ask how the other one is doing

    HW due Thursday 9/7: make the rough draft of your Bulla on the sheet

    HW due Wednesday 9/6: click here and use the document to find a Latin name for yourself.

    Do you have an account with Quizlet? If not, please make a username with YOUR LATIN NAME in it. Then click here to join our class.

    Getting supplies for school? Here's what you'll need:

    • Binder
    • Dividers (5)
    • Lined paper
    • Dry erase marker with eraser
    • (optional) colored pens

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