Latin 1

Novae Res

Myth Project due: Friday 6/7

Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 6/5

HW due Tuesday 5/27: complete Write Mode for the new list

Parsing/Translating Test: Tuesday 5/21

HW due Monday 5/20: complete the Trojan War story

See you Friday :(

Gods and Goddesses Quiz: Tuesday 5/14

HW due Thursday 5/9: go in the story through "possunt"

Vocab Quiz: Friday 5/3

Your task on 5/1 (due 5/2): complete both sides of the worksheet: on one side, focus on verbs (try to use ones from your current vocab list!). On the other, focus on adjectives.

Sum/Possum Quiz: Tuesday 4/30

HW due Thursday 4/25: complete the adjective worksheet

Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday 4/24

HW due Tuesday 4/23: well, definitely spend a little time studying the vocab. And whatever you (and your partner?) didn't finish from the worksheet in class

Declining Quiz on 1st and 2nd aaaaand 3rd declension. Oooh!

HW due Monday 4/15: complete the LV and 3rd Declension worksheet from class (if you were absent, it's on Frog)

HW due Friday 4/12: complete Learn Mode for the new vocab list

HW due Thursday 4/11: decline these nouns

  1. pax, pacis (f) - peace
  2. canis, canis (m) - dog
  3. certamen, certaminis (n) - competition

Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 4/10

Study that vocab!

HW due Wednesday 4/3: copy, parse, and translate:

  1. Bellum in caelo pugnamus.
  2. Nihil ad regnum mittebamus.
  3. I seize the kingdom's gifts.

HW due Tuesday 4/2: complete Write Mode for the new list

Domus Project due Monday 4/1 (not a joke :))

Wooo test on Friday 3/29!

HW due Thursday 3/28: study parsing for a fake quiz :)

HW due Wednesday 3/27: work on those projects!

HW due Tuesday 3/26: complete the 2nd paragraph of the A+M story

HW due Monday 3/25: study all that vocab and work on your project! 2 big summative grades coming up!

HW due Friday 3/22: complete the first paragraph of the A+M story

Vocabulary Review Quiz: Wednesday 3/20

HW due Tuesday 3/19: for real, study that vocab!

So you didn't get a new vocab list because next week's vocab quiz will be on BOTH lists. Study the one you need to, or both!

HW due Friday 3/15: finish the first paragraph of Arachne and Minerva part 2

HW due Thursday 3/14: spend at least 10 minutes researching for youe project

Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday 3/13

HW due Monday 3/10: study that vocab!

Arachne and Minerva Parsing Quiz: Friday 3/8

HW due Thursday 2/7: complete paragraph 2 of the Arachne and Minerva story.

HW due Wednesday 3/6: complete Write Mode for the new vocab list

Vocabulary Quiz: Tuesday 3/5

Your vocab quiz will be Tuesday, spend 10 minutes a day studying!

HW due Friday 3/1: decline the nouns "deus, dei m" and "fabula fabulae f"

HW due Thursday 2/28: study for a QUIZ on the linking verb chart and sentences with predicate nominatives

HW due Wednesday 2/27: copy, mark up sentence roles, and translate:

  1. I am big.
  2. The god is bad.
  3. The goddesses are small.
  4. We teach wisdom.

HW due Tuesday 2/26: copy, mark up sentence roles, and translate:

  1. Fabulae sunt bonae.
  2. Sum mala.
  3. Vita est mea.
  4. Sumus bonae.

HW due Monday 2/25: complete Write Mode for the new vocab list

Unit Test on Friday 2/22

Verb Conjugation Quiz: Wednesday 2/20

HW due Tuesday 2/19: complete the story we started in class (make sure you've marked sentence roles, translated, and drawn to show you comprehend)

Vocabulary Quiz: Friday 2/15

HW due Thursday 2/14: conjugate the following verbs:

  1. paro parare paravi paratus - prepare
  2. audio audire audivi auditus - hear
  3. capio capere cepi captus - take

HW due Wednesday 2/13: study that vocab so we can play a good game tomorrow!

HW due Tuesday 2/12: Complete Write Mode for the new list

HW due Monday 2/10: Complete Learn Mode for the new list

Phrases Quiz: Friday 2/8

HW due Thursday 2/7: nothing, because I forgot to post this until too late. Mea culpa!

HW due Wednesday 2/6: copy each verb and then conjugate it

  1. pugno pugnare pugnavi pugnatus - fight
  2. video vidēre vidi visus - see
  3. laudo laudare laudavi laudatus - praise

1st Declension Quiz: Tuesday 2/5

HW due Monday 2/4: complete the Conversation (assignment on Frog)

HW due Friday 2/1: decline the noun "vita, vitae (f) - life"

HW due Thursday 1/31: complete your bulla rough draft

HW due Wednesday 1/30: pick a Latin name!

Soon, when you check here, you'll find assignments. For now, click here to join the Quizlet class. Quam mirabile!

Getting supplies for school? Here's what you'll need:

  • Binder
  • Dividers (5)
  • Lined paper
  • Dry erase marker with eraser
  • (optional) colored pens

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