Latin 1

Novae Res

HW due Tuesday 3/26: complete the 2nd paragraph of the A+M story

HW due Monday 3/25: study all that vocab and work on your project! 2 big summative grades coming up!

HW due Friday 3/22: complete the first paragraph of the A+M story

Vocabulary Review Quiz: Wednesday 3/20

HW due Tuesday 3/19: for real, study that vocab!

So you didn't get a new vocab list because next week's vocab quiz will be on BOTH lists. Study the one you need to, or both!

HW due Friday 3/15: finish the first paragraph of Arachne and Minerva part 2

HW due Thursday 3/14: spend at least 10 minutes researching for youe project

Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday 3/13

HW due Monday 3/10: study that vocab!

Arachne and Minerva Parsing Quiz: Friday 3/8

HW due Thursday 2/7: complete paragraph 2 of the Arachne and Minerva story.

HW due Wednesday 3/6: complete Write Mode for the new vocab list

Vocabulary Quiz: Tuesday 3/5

Your vocab quiz will be Tuesday, spend 10 minutes a day studying!

HW due Friday 3/1: decline the nouns "deus, dei m" and "fabula fabulae f"

HW due Thursday 2/28: study for a QUIZ on the linking verb chart and sentences with predicate nominatives

HW due Wednesday 2/27: copy, mark up sentence roles, and translate:

  1. I am big.
  2. The god is bad.
  3. The goddesses are small.
  4. We teach wisdom.

HW due Tuesday 2/26: copy, mark up sentence roles, and translate:

  1. Fabulae sunt bonae.
  2. Sum mala.
  3. Vita est mea.
  4. Sumus bonae.

HW due Monday 2/25: complete Write Mode for the new vocab list

Unit Test on Friday 2/22

Verb Conjugation Quiz: Wednesday 2/20

HW due Tuesday 2/19: complete the story we started in class (make sure you've marked sentence roles, translated, and drawn to show you comprehend)

Vocabulary Quiz: Friday 2/15

HW due Thursday 2/14: conjugate the following verbs:

  1. paro parare paravi paratus - prepare
  2. audio audire audivi auditus - hear
  3. capio capere cepi captus - take

HW due Wednesday 2/13: study that vocab so we can play a good game tomorrow!

HW due Tuesday 2/12: Complete Write Mode for the new list

HW due Monday 2/10: Complete Learn Mode for the new list

Phrases Quiz: Friday 2/8

HW due Thursday 2/7: nothing, because I forgot to post this until too late. Mea culpa!

HW due Wednesday 2/6: copy each verb and then conjugate it

  1. pugno pugnare pugnavi pugnatus - fight
  2. video vidēre vidi visus - see
  3. laudo laudare laudavi laudatus - praise

1st Declension Quiz: Tuesday 2/5

HW due Monday 2/4: complete the Conversation (assignment on Frog)

HW due Friday 2/1: decline the noun "vita, vitae (f) - life"

HW due Thursday 1/31: complete your bulla rough draft

HW due Wednesday 1/30: pick a Latin name!

Soon, when you check here, you'll find assignments. For now, click here to join the Quizlet class. Quam mirabile!

Getting supplies for school? Here's what you'll need:

  • Binder
  • Dividers (5)
  • Lined paper
  • Dry erase marker with eraser
  • (optional) colored pens

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