Latin 1

Fun Links and Comics

Feeling bored but kinda smart at the same time? Rock on:

  • Weather Forecast -- Latin! Really.
  • Want to donate to charity and practice vocabulary at the same time?
  • Would you have Survived Mt. Vesuvius?
  • Winged Sandals -- this website has little mythology videos, games, and "ask the oracle"
  • Latin in Harry Potter -- you know what JK Rowling majored in in college, right? LATIN AND GREEK!
  • Julius Caesar Madlib - make your own version of Marc Antony's speech
  • Volcano Explorer -- build your own volcano and watch it explode! Go inside a volcano!
  • Design your own mosaic -- just like the Romans would have had on their floors or walls
  • Race to Rome -- race a chariot, olympic challenges...this one is fun, but parts of it take a while to load
  • Latin Phrases Quiz -- see how many of these Latin phrases commonly used in English you can identify
  • Roman Numeral Calculator -- for when you really need to do some math
  • Whack-a-Cerberus -- really
  • My Empire on Facebook -- it's one of those dumb facebook games...except better because it's Rome-related!
  • Months Quiz -- test your knowledge of where our names for months come from
  • Fling the Teacher -- a game like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Answer them all right and you complete the trebuchet and fling your teacher away!
  • Latin Tongue Twisters -- practice some of these if you want a challenge!
You'll find more and more of them funny as you learn more Latin...

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